Hahahahah WEEI is getting SO MUCH SHIT and I’m loving it. “Dennis and Callahan” is such a mediocre show. All the dudebros in Boston need to get over it (seriously; sorry brahs, there are other teams in the world than the Pats brah and the Sox brah and the Bruins brah) and realize that Kirk Minihane gets by “knowing and talking about sports” because other people with dicks acknowledge that he too… has a dick.

And *is* a dick.


John & Sherlock + Manhandling

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Have you seen if there are any tickets left for things happening at Nerd HQ? It’s not ComicCon, but it’s still awesome.

Nah, I’m in town to see my friends. I did NYCC and I was VERY overwhelmed and I’ll be happy just to be around. I didn’t plan it this way honestly. My friends are moving to San Diego and asked me to road trip with them.

I missed Keith Olbermann when he went from ESPN to MSNBC… and listening to him talk about baseball calms me, it soothes me.

Keith talking about the Pirates’ pierogi race? I’ll dream about it.

while i CANNOT argue with your point about 3 (its spot on)…maybe if someone watched the show straight through on dvd the…

Yeah, no, I watched the show in real time, from when I was 7 to the time I was 16 and the show did go downhill, but the feud that was reported wasn’t so much as a feud as DD thinking he could go out and be hot shit and CC being like… “Okay… really? Okay.”
Seasons 8&9 could have been worse but WHAT a character we got in Doggett, a perfect new foil for Scully who was bad ass and yes, I kind of wanted her to bone a little because he was fucking rough as HELLLLL. (Reyes sucked though. Like, a lot.)

I guess what we’re all getting at is that Scully can HANDLE HER SHIT and Mulder is just a hot fucking messssssss.


New profile photo.

Suck my dick.

Or friend me.

Either. Or both.


You know what’s beautiful about The X-Files?

Mulder is gone, the show goes well for almost two seasons. Scully is gone, fucking 3 happens.



police officer: you’re under arrest.
me: im rubber, you’re glue. what bounces off of me sticks to you(:
police officer: fuck

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thescienceofobsession replied to your post “Hitting up the ABQ tomorrow, bitches! Palace of the Governors, a lil…”

OMG EAT A SOPAPILLA FOR ME (and then when the Palace of the Governors is boring hear my voice in your head saying ‘told you so!’)

SHUT UP ERIN! HISTORY, DAMN IT! (We’re also going to the Walter White car wash and the White’s house… so, eat it.)

Another botched execution? Inmate gasps during two-hour execution

I’m not a proponent of capital punishment by ANY MEANS but it BLOWS MY FUCKING MIND that the states (the providers of the drugs, really) that continue to do this haven’t fucking perfected a pharmaceutical cocktail.

Hitting up the ABQ tomorrow, bitches!

Palace of the Governors, a lil Georgia O’Keefe and some g-damned Mexican food sonnnnnnnnn!

I CARE I POSSIBLY WANT TO SEE YOU will you be around the whole weekend? (sorry for yelling) psst you should kind of go to the Sherlock meetup on Sunday

YES! I think we’ll just be bar hopping Saturday night! I could let you know what’s up? (My besties are coming down from Sacramento and a super close friend of mine has bars he wants to take us to.)

I don’t think the Sherlock meet up will happen as I’m dedicated that entire day to the MOTHEREFFIN BEACH, but gimme the deets and I’ll see what’s up?

OH! I’ll be in San Diego for SDCC! I won’t be AT Comic Con, I’ll be there, hanging out and beaching and drinking with friends BUT! If anyone wants to hang out…

Let me know.

Colorado is so Colo-RAD!