Look at how lilac my drink is!!!

Apparently a tornado touches down in Revere.



When the 5 turns into a giant stretch of nothing but cows and tomato trucks…


I love that the Reagan Library had very, *very* actual information on his economic or international policies.

I diiiiiiid get to go on both Air Force One and Marine One, so I can’t *really* complain.

So this happened… #reapersun

Molly (@cleverpudding) and I.

Finally! Swimming at a Southern California beach!

I appreciate the lengths everyone goes to at Comic Con.

Meanwhile in San Diego…

We’re in Indio… SO CLOSE. AND YET SO FAR. FROM SAN DIEGO. I just want to get there and grab a drink and sit in the sun and RELAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona.


OH! I’ll be in San Diego for SDCC! I won’t be AT Comic Con, I’ll be there, hanging out and beaching and drinking with friends BUT! If anyone wants to hang out…

Let me know.

Taking the Walter White tour of the ABQ, bitches.


"There’s a tinge of Sherlock in the sense he’s arrogant and he gets his comeuppance by having to admit he needs help," Cumberbatch says. "He’s a Bond figure who thinks he’s got it all sorted and it’s all about squaring everything away and looking cool. Sherlock has a bit of that — he’s not as much of a poseur as Agent Classified.

"While I do jump from one character to another, they’re so different I don’t fear the bleed."


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