I made a Mexican feast for Allison, Erin and Monique. Whaaaaat?!?!?


Coloured sleepy Johnlock cuddles. I’m all about minimalist colours at the moment.

[Line art here]

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Poe - Angry Johnny


Good face great legs: the Amy Poehler story


can’t deal

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I had to post this because Caity and Erin’s avatars next to each other make me smile. And there’s Amber in the middle… being Amber…

I feel the same way about “Honey Funds” when people register for honeymoons and other excursions. Just no. Tacky x100.

I like the idea of the honeyfund AS LONG AS you don’t have a gift registry. But otherwise, I too find it tacky.

omg are people asking for vacay money?? Fucking hell.

AGAIN. The word you forgot there is AGAIN.

If I see one more post from someone asking for “donations” for money to help them go on vacation… VACATION.

Swear to god. SWEAR TO GOD.

Oh you don’t have money to go do something fun and not work? MAYBE THEN DON’T FUCKING MAKE PLANS! Or get a SECOND JOB like some of us do, or save money, or GET A JOB FULL STOP.

Things I understand asking for donations for: unexpected illness of yourself or a pet or a loved one, unforeseen dire circumstances causing you to be short on dough, charity, and, erm, yeah that’s about fucking it.


I thought I may as well upload this WIP of a Johnlock kiss gif I started a while back and still haven’t got around to finishing.

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"There are people in life who you want to be unpredictable: like your pothead neighbor or Vice President Joe Biden!"

Nick Miller, New Girl

My friend created a Facebook page for Rick Perry’s mugshot.

And it’s made my life a little bit brighter.

Wait, Plan B is in the AISLE now? I don’t have to go up to the counter, be offered the BRAND NAME and GOGGLE at the price and be all “No but I want like, the thirty dollar version. Like I was stupid last night but not like sixty bucks stupid.”

OMFG Leslie! I’m cracking up at your liittle comment on this post. This is why I love you so!