Has anyone seen this new Scott Brown for Senate commercial with Gail Huff?

Basically it goes thus: Scott has always been looking out for women. He’s always been for women having their own lives and doing things on their own. He really believes that more than any other man in my life.

"I’m Scott Brown and I approve this message."

And then the slogan, “Scott Brown, He’s For Us.”

Uhm, uhm, uhm, what? You told us nothing about where you stand on women’s issues and women’s rights! So, pretty pointless commercial, Scott. Having your wife talk about how sweet you are nd flashing photos of your two daughters tells no one about where you stand on any issue whatsoever. 

Just that you have women in your life.

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  1. itsforpictures said: The do the same thing with video game trailers all the time. They show a fancy rendered video that has absolutely no game play whatsoever. I’m left there saying “Well that sounds great and everything, but how about some actual substance?”
  2. iloveyouandilikeyou said: I think a lot of Republican politicians are struggling to express to women that they deserve votes, and now they are doing it in the only truthful? honest way that they know.
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