This is what Lori and Samantha were doing for me down the basement. My new… bedroom door. …???

(They’re still waiting on the knocker.)

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  1. mimesandpunishment said: That’s amazeballs.
  2. courtknees said: That is AMAZING! Of course you can bring dudes home, but only let them in the door if they get the joke and nod appreciatively.
  3. womptacular said: holy shit leslie this is spectacular
  4. liquidtrees said: Soo jelly! They are the best!!
  5. itsforpictures said: Clearly if a guy doesn’t think that door is awesome he isn’t worth bringing home.
  6. iloveyouandilikeyou said: if a dude doesn’t like your door then MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T BRING THAT PARTICULAR GUY HOME. IT’S LIKE A LITMUS TEST!!!
  7. scullyseviltwin posted this